• Incorporations (federal and provincial)
  • Founding partnerships
  • Founding non-profits
  • Founding co-operatives
  • Corporate Secretariats
    • Organization of corporate structures
    • Registrations
    • Updating minute books
    • Annual declarations
    • Amendment declarations
    • Annual meetings
    • Drafting resolutions
  • Fusions and acquisitions
  • Due diligence
  • Corporate succession planning
  • Restructuring
  • Drafting shareholder agreements
  • Advising shareholders, administrators and directors
  • Protecting the rights of majority and minority shareholders
  • Oppression remedy
  • Advising shareholders, administrators and directors
  • Drafting meeting notices
  • Application of internal regulations
  • Moderating meetings
  • Drafting resolutions
  • Advising shareholders, administrators and directors
  • Drafting legal opinions on administrative accountability
  • Request and defend procedures regarding administrative accountability
  • Analysis, negotiations and drafting of commercial contracts including:
    • Partnership contracts
    • Board of Director’s resolutions
    • Business sale/acquisition contracts
    • Confidentiality agreements
    • Non-compete agreements
    • Subcontracting agreements
    • Service contracts
    • Mandate agreements
    • Commercial leases
    • Financing agreements
    • Leasing
    • Employment agreements
    • Real estate sales/acquisitions
  • Applying employment standards
  • Administrative relations
  • Hiring contracts
  • Confidentiality and non-competition agreements for employment
  • Disciplinary measures
  • Dismissals
  • Negotiating and drafting offers to acquire/sell real estate
  • Title transfers
  • Hidden defects
  • Co-property
  • Analyzing mortgage agreements
  • Request and defence procedures for the rights of mortgage holders
  • Drafting acknowledgements of receipt

Business solutions that are adapted to the needs of different types of organizations

Me. Serge L. Girard and his team currently enjoy an enviable reputation in the business sector. We take a personalized approach and the quality of the services we offer are what have made Force Légal Inc. a welcome partner for our clients.

Our ability to respond quickly, pragmatically and with sufficient flexibility to meet the needs of organizations of various sizes working in many fields of activity are just one of the firm's most enviable qualities.

We take a preventative rather than reactive approach. This also means we provide significant budgetary savings for our clients which is an invaluable benefit and an added value.

The firm's accompaniment model operates according to three main principles:

  • Adapted contract training
  • Exhaustive evaluation of litigation potential
  • Complete document management

Force Légal Inc. offers its clients a broad range of business solutions that are specifically adapted to their needs. The solutions offered by our firm are specifically designed to respond to the concerns of administrators, shareholders, micro-business owners, small and medium sized organizations as well as for entrepreneurs at the start-up phase of their businesses.

Our team also has the skills required to take charge of large-scale projects on behalf of major industries.

Force-Légal Inc.’s founder, Me. Serge L. Girard, has excellent technical expertise and access to a large number of professional partners as he has acted on behalf of many entrepreneurs for over 25 years.

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