I need a Force-Legal lawyer if:

I am a business owner and I need information about...
  • Acquiring another business
  • Selling my business
  • Passing my family business on to the next generation
  • Making a corporate reorganization
  • Signing or drafting a major contract
  • Complying with the requirements of the laws and regulations governing my industry
  • Obtaining a permit or contesting the suspension of one
  • Reduce the risk of lawsuits by adjusting my business model
  • Protecting the trademark of my business
  • Initiating legal proceedings
I am a shareholder and I want to...
  • Draft a shareholders’ agreement
  • Enforce my rights
  • Resolve a conflict involving other shareholders
I am a corporate director or executive of a corporation and I need...
  • Advice about a decision I need to make
  • Information about my personal responsibility
  • Representation to help me enforce my rights
I am an entrepreneur and I need help...
  • Starting my business
  • Getting incorporated
  • Negotiating for financing
  • Completing or building my business plan
  • Validating my business model
I am an employer and I need to...
  • Hire key employees
  • Exercise disciplinary sanctions
  • Lay off employees
  • Proceed with a dismissal or termination of employment
  • Draft company policies or create an employee manual
  • Respond to CNESST proceedings against myself or my company

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