At Force-Légal, we put our clients’  interests first, and close behind, those of our employees.

During the first wave of COVID-19, as an essential service, our team provided assistance to our clients by telecommuting for many weeks. Since June, we have gradually returned to our offices, while respecting public health directives.

As we officially enter the second wave, we feel we need to act preventatively, without waiting for new containment orders. This is why we will be voluntarily telecommuting in the coming weeks. We’ve taken this decision to ensure that we will be able to continuously provide professional and uninterrupted service to the businesses and entrepreneurs who trust us.

We will remain available for situations that require a face-to-face meeting, following all necessary and prescribed precautions. We will also be present at the Courts for proceedings that cannot be undertaken via videoconference. But for the most part, we are practicing what we recommend to our customers: anticipate events and prepare for them, rather than just reacting to them.

Rest assured that despite the distance we will always be there when it comes to protecting and defending the interests of our clients.

Me Serge L. Girard
Force-Legal inc.