The situation related to the COVID-19 virus continues to evolve. Over the past few days, Quebec authorities have announced various measures to stem the pandemic, exercising their power to declare a state of emergency across Quebec. This is now done. In a press release dated March 14, the Premier of Quebec declared this state of emergency for a period of 10 days. The exercise of this power flows from the Public Health Act and gives the government increased powers in matters of public health. You will find the text of the official press release [in French] here: “COVID-19 pandemic – The government of Quebec declares a state of health emergency, prohibits visits to hospitals and CHSLDs and takes special measures to offer health services at a distance” –
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In addition, as we announced yesterday, the Department of Justice, in collaboration with the departments of the Superior Court and the Court of Quebec, have announced measures that will limit activities in courthouses for the short term. Here is the text of the official press release to this effect which was published in the evening yesterday: “Implementation of measures in courthouses due to COVID-19” – Read more.

Similar measures were announced by the Régie du logement today. Suspension of hearings – Read more.

It is clear that the entire justice system is now living in a time of public health emergency. What does this mean for you and your business? Do not hesitate to contact the Force-Legal Inc. team if you have any questions about this. 450-218-7088.