The Buyer

Here is a typical case: Claude, after having founded a good company and having it grow for the last thirty, forty years, is about to retire. But here’s the difficulty: Claude has no succession or buyer. Claude may therefore have to liquidate his business and, at the same time, see the bulk of his capital…


To Incorporate, or not to Incorporate? That IS the Question.

The life of an entrepreneur is filled with decisions to make and options to evaluate. How should I  organize production? Where should I place myself in the trade? How can I reach my target audience? Every entrepreneur must continually make choices and take risks. At the legal level, one of the big areas of concern…


The Evaluation Clause: An Essential Tool

Small and medium-size business owners can always benefit from entering into a shareholder agreement. The agreement makes it possible to regulate the internal functioning of the company far beyond what is generally found in the internal regulations. The shareholders’ agreement also provides a mechanism for the sale, purchase or redemption of shares in various circumstances….


Shareholders’ Agreement – Why?

Incorporation can give entrepreneurs a false sense of security. Business corporation laws provide a general structure, but are silent on many very important aspects for SMEs. If you hold shares of a publicly traded company, your role is limited to holding a share of the company’s property. On the contrary, the shareholders of an SME…